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2019 Martial Arts America 22nd Tournament


Saturday, October 19 2019
Registration starting at– 9:30
Rules meeting – 10:30
Competition – 11:00
New Location
Brickhouse Fitness
86 Paine St SE
Bondurant IA 50035

or check out our web page at

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Sunday Forms class

Due to the weather Sunday Forms class is cancelled. Stay home warm and safe. ;)

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Upcoming Dates

Pil-Sung Some dates coming up to make note of.
June 9th Makeup Test 11:30
June 16th (Sat) No 10:00 class
June 17th ( Sun) no 1:00 forms class
June 22nd 12 hours class for Brown and Black belts
Contact Mr. Sledge if interested.
July 4th No class but a great picnic @ Margo Frankel park
July 11th Brown belts only
July 13th Black belts only
Thank you
Mr. Sledge

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MACC Foundation 2018 5k Fun Run/Walk

Martial Artists for Children & Community Foundation
2018 5K Family Fun Walk and Run
Supporting Youth Emergency Services and Shelter (YESS)

Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Information Pickup/Late Registration: 7:15 am at SW Water Street and Principal Park at the Meredith Trailhead.

Event Details: The event will start promptly at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning May 12, 2018, on an open course. Water and snacks will be available after the event. Everyone is welcome; professional runners to occasional walkers.

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No classes

Pil-sung, Martial Arts America's winter policy is when the school district cancels school we cancel class. Feb 20th Ankeny canceled school.
There will not be classes at the main school. Stay safe and practice at home.
Mr. Sledge

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Check in site


Shoetcut To Martial Arts America Check In.

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Main school class


Pil-Sung Even though it looks like it will snow for many hours we will still have classes at the main school. 4:30 and 6:00 BB class.

The roads will vary in condition and travel ability so you use best judgement on whether you attend class tonight. Stay safe we will be there again tomorrow.


Mr. Sledge

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January 16th class

FYI we will be having class at the main school. If you Not sure about you travel situation please stay home.

Stay safe tonght.

Mr Sledge

Update!  Community Ed has canceled all evening classes. So no class at Crocker.

But the Main school will be open.



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update 9-1-2016



A reminder of the next few weeks.

Sept  4th and 5th no classes.

Sept 6th the 1:00 “ home school class will be on Tuesdays from now on starting that Tuesday.

Sept 7th Black Belt only class

Sept 9th “ Brown belt only” Black belts are welcome.

Sept 17th Valley West Mall Board Break to raise money for MACC Foundation.

Sept 24th Black Belt Seminar at Capital City Baptist in Saydel.

Sept 30th Black Belt test ( Friday)

Oct 1st Colored belt test


Thank You Mr. Sledge

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Up Coming Dates


Up coming Dates.

Aug 5th 6:00 PM Black Belt test

Aug 6th Colored belt tests.

No classes at Main school Aug 7th or 8th.

Branches will have normal schedule.

1:00 PM class moved to Tuesday Aug 9th.

Makeup test 11:30 AM Aug 13th.

No classes Sept 4th or 5th.

Mr. Sledge


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